A Reason for Cheer

August 9, 2008
By Diana Swanson BRONZE, Valparaiso, Indiana
Diana Swanson BRONZE, Valparaiso, Indiana
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We learn something new every day,
So why would we ever cease growing?
Beauty blooms in the most unlikely locations,
So how could we ever believe,
That the elegance of a rose,
The grace of a butterfly,
The majesty of Mount Everest,
Cannot be found in us ourselves?
I know it is true--
That I can apply,
All the make-up that I please,
Enhance what I've been given,
For 'tis solely for my own pleasure,
Not for a false motive,
To impress anyone else...oh no,
That's not me,
For outward appearance is not vaguely vital,
When compared with inner light,
And I am so thankful,
That I am able to recognize that.

Real beauty shines from within,
And the secret person of the heart,
Is what truly matters,
Not how perfect your skin is;
'Tis not a challenge to discern that.
I know who I am and what my purpose is,
What I stand for,
And that is so much more
Than so many can say,
And so I rejoice,
For I understand myself,
And I know where to look--
Not to my own heart, of course,
For I know so little;
It's true.

Yes, I never stop growing,
For I never stop learning.
I always have so much to work on,
But I do work on it,
And that is why I soar;
Like an eagle, I take to the skies,
For I see that through all the agony,
All the trials, all the tears,
All distractions, all vexations,
All the stress and all my fears,
Through which I pray and am strengthened and blessed,
Blessed with a beautiful spirit
(And ne'er to anyone will I these disclose!),
And the privilege-ability,
To encourage, to express, to teach, and to show,
And I could not be more thankful.
I have real friends who may not be perfect,
But why would I expect them to be?
I am not perfect, and for now, this is human,
And we all have so far to improve,
I much more than any, for I am scarcely a crumb of bread,
But we all band together,
We stand through the fight,
Optimistically practical,
Never in our own might.

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