What's Fair About It?

August 8, 2008
By Jordan O'Masters, COEUR D ALENE, ID

What’s Fair About It?

All’s fair in love and war
So many times I’ve heard it before

But I have a question to test this thought,
To question love and war,
A new fight to be fought.

Sure it’s true if you love me and I love you
Then warring for that bond
That love to be won
Isn’t so wrong, more like sanctioned.

So what happens if I love you,
But you not me?

What happens if I’m at war
But you are free?

For I am at war,
But not with another.

I am at war
With love, strong contender.

And so though you don’t choose,
You are against me.

I have hate on my side,
Defending, defending…

But it does nothing,
Except tear me apart…

Stripping my soul…

Breaking my heart.

The author's comments:
I write what I feel. Plain. Simple. The truth.

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