I'll Turn To You

August 8, 2008
It’s you I turn to when the skies are blue
And you I need when there’s nothing left to prove
You’re the only reason why my hearts beating
The solitary reason for my existence and meaning
You are the only one to hear my prayers
The only spirit I need when I feel no love there
The single reason that I made it through
Through thick and through thin, I’ll turn to you
My love and faith will always be invested in the
Because I know that you love me
My father, my savior and everything more
Please always hear me and never ignore
Thank you for loving me and giving me life
Even when there’s wrong, you make it all right
I hope to spend my eternal life in your heaven
And I will always trust in thy forever and then
Thank you God for being there
My love, life and happiness I’ll always share

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