Unfinished Business

August 8, 2008
By Tatianna Kufferath, Santa Maria, CA

Life is too full of unfinished business
So many things have gone unsaid
So many doors have been left unopened
Too many stories haven't been read.

All of our hearts have crinkled edges
Our life's legacy has gone untold
Through all the fear, the pain, the
The blood in our veins has too long
run cold.

We yearn for light in a plane of
Searching for some forgotten dream
Looking for hope where it's been extinguished
Learning that nothing is as it seems

Trying to mask our true identities
Our lies for so long we've accepted as facts
Our hopes and dreams are packed up inside us
Making a huge, giant, mile-high stack

Of unfinished business that isn't quite done
Piled up in the dark where it can't see the sun
Memories and secrets and warm deep-down dreams
All of them waiting for days yet to come

When the unfinished business is finally complete
It's dusted and polished. Watch how it gleams!
The doors have been opened, words have been spoken
Finally fulfilling those long ago dreams.

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