can i?

August 8, 2008
By aricka smith, Walker, MI

this is farewell
this is my last goodbye
this is your truth
after all your lies
i can't swim
after drowning in my tears
so leave me alone
i won't live in fear
can i? can i?
dream this away
can i? can i?
forget your stay
in my heart
you can't stay
in my heart
this wasn't my idea
have happy ever after
so why can't i
move on to the next chapter
you take and take again
till all i have is weakness
my strength forever gone
and now i'm forced to believ this
can i? can i?
forget this time
can i? can i?
move on with life
i won't forget
that you left me with a hole
you may have broke my heart
but you'll never steal my soul..

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