Releasing pain

August 8, 2008
Everlasting pain
Everlasting hurt
Going so deep
But it feels so good
Everytime makes the pain go away
But at the same time
the pain seems to stay.
It's not that I like
to do what I do.
Yet at the same time, I love it, to.
I know it's wrong
But it feels right
It calms me down after a fight.
My family doesn't know
And the stress starts to grow.
Most my friends yell
I deserve it well.
Everytime I praise and scold
I still have scars days old.
Someone help me
Someone please
There must be another way
For this pain to ease.

Everlasting pain
Everlasting hurt
I know it's wrong
But it feels so good.
I try to stop
but it keeps coming back.
The number of times
I've lost track.
Lost alone all by myself
My self-esteem has lost itself
I feel so loved
Yet rejected
My self-esteem has ejected
I say this because I want help
No, no
That's not right
I say this because I NEED the help.

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Mizu-chan said...
Nov. 23, 2009 at 10:17 am
Heads up for those reading. Kari Kitsune is now Mizuki Ukitake. I have a new account and this is it. Thanks. Bye
Bleeding_Angel said...
Aug. 30, 2008 at 2:47 pm
Okay, first I totally understand you. I've been where you are and you should stop seriously. Okay, take a rubber band (one of those big brown ones) and put it on the opposite wrist that you've cut. Then, every time you feel upset of the urge to cut, pop the rubber band against your wrist. Keep doing this until you don't feel the urge to cut yourself anymore. Then, get your journal and write down everything that made you want to cut yourself and ball the paper up and throw it in the trash. This u... (more »)
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