Hidden Agony: The Road to my Heart

August 8, 2008
By Amanda Kibler, Paterson, NJ

Is this how I am supposed to feel?
(Alone, undeserving, reckless)
Not able to confide in anyone
Wanting to damage what lies beneath my bands
Deep inside of my soul lies:
Multiple self-disturbing faults.
Most people only see the outside of me:
Weirdly insane.
Still, treated like an outsider of a TV show starring me
Am I dreaming?
Is this a reality?
As I swiftly walk through the college walls
The dim lights pass over me
Deceit and anger (my dying pain)
"In remembrance of...myself”
Today is my funeral
No body's here
My lonely life led to a lonely death

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on Aug. 19 2008 at 9:25 pm
This is so good. I can totally inderstand what your going through.

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