Today is the Day

November 14, 2012
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I decided today is my day, today is the day I live
Today I throw my cares to the wind, today I'll give
I'll give myself to happiness, give myself to love
I'll be me for me, because of me, and that will be enough.
Me? Care what someone else thinks? Please!
I don't give a flying hyena about your opinions of me.
Today, I will explore joy, I will explore fun
I will jump into an eternity of being my number one.
This is the day I tell myself I am beautiful
The day I can say that in every way, I am beautiful.
I'm never going back to pleasing the world
I'm never again trying to be that "perfect girl."
On this day, I'll be the best I can be
On this day, I'll be happy.
Today all self-doubt will be banished
All worry, all fears, all tears have vanished.
And for those who have hurt me, you are forgiven
Because I will be too busy living.
Today will be forever known in history as the day I lived.

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