Those That We Embrace

August 7, 2008
By Danielle Levsky, Buffalo Grov, IL

Vines that covers that old woman’s house keep her warm and safe;
she can’t help but stare at the
ripe green as it dances under the morning sunlight,
Grapes of wine and lime sparkle,
rich with flavor and tender in spirit.
sparkling like precious gems.
Rubies and emeralds, handfuls of them.
but You.

Every moment You breathe in,
Water trickles down your green body
and your vibrant surface glows.


Each instant You are alive
is a ruby,
an emerald.

Such as the affectionate, gentle grapes
of Your arms that embrace that
old woman’s house tightly,
and You softly whisper
“alright, alright,
i love you.”

You are my gem that i embrace fully in
my arms.

The author's comments:
Written for and Dedicated to Piotr Olszewski.

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