August 7, 2008
By Vanessa Browne, Paw Paw, MI

Underneath a broken mask you’ll find me
Twisted and torn, worn and broken, I solemnly stand alone
My ground is shaking. My head is bursting
I have disgraced a love of a mother and daughter
As the punches keep flowing my soul sinks lower and lower

I’m lost and the world keeps spinning
My body unfolds with quick darkness
Everyday was a constant struggle, a constant question
Everyday was a constant who knows what will happen, why to me
These are unanswered questions my mother should have

I have tried with all my might to lay it all on the line
Everyday I pushed harder and harder, but a response was unseen
The love I wanted the love I needed wasn’t coming form where is should have been
A mistake, that’s the extent to my existence
I’m imprisoned in a n empty body

I escaped this life but feel its not all behind me
I feel vanished form all existence in the presence of a family
Unworthy feelings, my body goes numb
Words that spoke with immense harshness
All of which were directed toward me

Mending these of mine may be a struggle
But suddenly I struck me, I’m not as worthless as you make me seem
Taken into someone else’s grace, this broken face is now only cracked
Everyday for me is now a constant relief
Everyday is a constant happy ending, a constant my life’s worth living

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this because of the rock relationship that i have with my mom, and the way that she made me feel growing up

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