My Bad Day

August 7, 2008
By Grimguitar BRONZE, Elk Run Heights, Iowa
Grimguitar BRONZE, Elk Run Heights, Iowa
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Things going downhill
Cat died yesterday
Ran over by a truck
I’ve nothing to say

Messed up in school
Got a bad grade
Trunk fell off in the pool
Broke the glass I made

What more could go wrong
Until my parent’s said
They’re getting a divorce
Cried all the way to bed

Took some pills
I wanted to end it all
Ready to swallow for the kill
Until I got the call

My friend said it was all right
I could get a new cat
Make a new glass and study harder
What do you think of that

I put down the pills
I thought hard about it
Why do I want to kill
I began to sit

He was right
It was okay
My friend was my light
It’s true what they say

You can be down but not out
And still be fine
But you have to think
Before you cross the line

The author's comments:
This did not really happen to me

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