the hazerds of heartbreak

August 7, 2008
By valentina steenblik, Vienna, VA

she screams into the night although no one will hear her. her world has just perished into a sea of uncontrolible tears. as she drenches her pillow with a salty ocean spary she rememberd... how she felt when he held her, how he could make her laugh and cry at the same time, but most of all how with one look and three words he had captured her heart.the jokes they had shared lingerd in her mind. her lips still tingeld with the last kiss they shared. when she sleeps she feels phantom lips on hers or a hand brush her cheek like a cool breeze. her gave her security, her was her safty net. now she was exposed to unrelenting heartache. as she walks the school halls she feels everyones eyes full of pity in her desheveld state. althogh she is bombarded wiht hugs daily she is not happy. why couldnt she be happy? she was free, free to do whatever she wanted. but all she wanted was to be loved by him; to be his again. as he passes her in the hallway she turns her head so he wont see the glistaning tears clinging to her eyelashes

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ballsore said...
on Sep. 29 2008 at 10:09 pm
Awesome poem, sorry about him

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