And the Radio Plays On...

August 7, 2008
I can’t think
Someone else’s words
And thoughts
And poems
Are running through my brain
And invading my head
And pounding
And I’m drowning in the lack
Of inspiration
And I can’t think of what to say
Because they’ve claimed all the metaphors
And adjectives
And I was going to use them
But now I can’t remember if I really was
Or if someone else’s stanzas have just
Taken over my thoughts
I don’t remember
What is mine
And what has been imprinted
On my unoriginal mind
I struggle
For independent thought
And independent poems
I struggle
Fight against the beat
And resist the words
They’re not mine
I could take them
And adopt them
But they stare at me off the page
Like they know I’m just pretending
Fight against the beat
Struggle for independent thought
Search for inspiration

Or just turn it off
And listen to classical

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