Not Coming Home

August 7, 2008
By Ashley Sheridan, Freehold, NJ

Well the souls you touched
Won't easily be forgotten
But the hearts you broke,
Their names, they fade away
Lost in the sea of "forever" and "always".
And everytime I see your picture
The memories are so clear.
And everytime I see your picture
Feelings of guilt overcome me
Because smiling back at me are
Two children with expressions rarely seen
Their faces, they're filled with radiance and joy
Rather reminiscent of my dreams,
Don't you think?
Well the memories they flash back and
They don't match the photographs,
Parent's fight and children cry
And you're already gone.
And the days flash by and so do the reasons why,
I don't see you anymore.
And I miss you now
And I wonder how it
Took me five years to realize that
You were everything to me.
With the sunsets and silent nights,
Comes the sad realization why
I've never felt so alone.
And you're not home
You're not coming back
Memories fade to black and
The setting closes on a childhood that
Never was and never will be.

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