August 6, 2008
By Sarah Kade, Conklin, MI

Alone in a dark room,
confined in this cage,
Wilted and Dying,
With nothing but shame,
Reaching beside me,
for life's sweet hope,
The light in the dark,
A little bit further,
I reach with all my might,
Hoping that I will grasp,
Exactly what it is that keeps me alive,
But I fall short,
There is no interference,
Nor is there help,
I'm all alone,
Reaching for my only source,
The only thing I need,
I try but I can't,
Just out of my reach,
Give up or keep trying?
Let life slip away,
My life source so close,
I can almost reach it,
The window blows open,
And sunlight streams in,
I can see it now,
Only inches away,
I reach a bit further,
And grasp it,
Pulling it closer, Almost there.

The author's comments:
This piece was actually the result of a writing exercise my english teacher gave us. He told us to write something (poem, short story ect.) about a flower and a glass of water. I started writing and my poem "Confined" is what I ended up with.

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