August 6, 2008
By Dartunorro Clark, Chicago, IL

In my days and time my life seemed so despondent, With my hopes and dreams so unresponsive.
With people saying this and people thinking that,It seem as if I couldn’t believe that the world I live in Lacked some humanity, just cruel and unusual brutality,
In the course of insanity. But my life changed its course when
I started not to care just focus on me and I’ll get there.
I found a place where my life is always what it seems,
Where I living my hopes and my dreams.
At that place my life is so easy breezy, and cool, You’d probably want it, hell you’d probably sue.
This place is so magical like a witch’s incantation. This place I speak of is just my imagination, now don’t Laugh just yet because the best has yet to come, just shut up,
And listen with great ease, my imagination, like I said
Before it’s not what it seems, it’s easy breezy, and cool Because everything I imagine comes true. Now don’t Get mad, go commit any sins cause how you gonna Live if you not right within. Don’t applaud
Yet because this isn’t the end, Imagination is the Greatest feature god has given a human being.
It takes you to a place you couldn’t imagine seeing. Like a world with no problems, utopia if you wish,
Flying though the air, or swimming with fish. Imagining is so cool it’s like a plan for Life because if you imagine real hard you’ll see Your hopes and your dreams where you can be Everything you are and imagine even hard you’ll See you never was that far.
Fantasia told that there’s
A time for every soul to fly it’s in the eyes of every Child my time to fly, I hope, is very soon I’m not Going to shoot for the stars because I settle for the moon.
Now this is the end I the only thing I will say live your life in a positive way

The author's comments:
I really love wirting songs or proetry and right about fun things really personal or deep things and really don;t share alot of my work but here it is.

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