It Is Finished

August 6, 2008
By Katey McClenny, Tallahassee, FL

“It is finished”
The deed is done
“Dad, I did it”
The Holy Feet race towards Him
Nail-pierced hands embrace his Father
The Father runs his hands along his son’s scarred brow
Jesus weakly smiles
The six hours are fulfilled
Yet remembered

It is over
Angels wipe away tears
Saints breathe relief
Birds sing and stars beam
When all seemed lost, He made the ultimate comeback
It is done-He’s come home

Satan has been beat
Demons defeated
Death conquered
Hell overcome
The blackness is over come by the Son

What was once abandoned is now found
The two that were separated now rejoin,
The spilled blood is resurrected
Friday’s tears are Sunday’s joys

Angels! Finally come and give this warrior rest!
God! At long last comfort this King!
This soldier’s battle is won
Bring Him home
Bring Him Home

“Dad, I’m home” he hoarsely whispers
“I Love You Son”

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