August 6, 2008
By Ross Anderson, Richmond, VA

here I sit.
in the ocean, waves crashing around me.
My eyes look up, and see the largest wave they've ever beheld, tidal in my comparisons.
Seeking to escape the onslaught, I duck my head beneath the surface, immersing myself in water.
Suddenly, a wave I had not beheld crashes into me, forcing me to the ground, shoving my face into the hard, unforgiving sea floor.
Then I realize something:
The greatest force is the one unseen.

There you sit.
the girl who's face haunts your every step.
Your eyes look up, and see the girl staring back, but not in love: in hatred.
Seeking to escape the anger, you turn to your companion, a pretty girl no doubt, and your lips meet.
And although you feel love rushing in from her kiss, you are helpless to realize there is none coming from you: you have eyes for only one.
Then you realize something:
The biggest desire is the one unsatisfied.

There he sits.
the damnable weight of expectation on his back.
His eyes look up, and see his own reflection, every high-schoolers dream incarnate.
Seeking to escape the torment, he reaches for his only source of egress: the lovely bite of a razorblade.
And although there is pain, there is also pleasure in the knowledge that he is not perfect, no matter how many athletic or academic awards he wins.
Then he realizes something.
The greatest lie is the one untold.

There she sits.
the bloated figure staring back at her.
Her eyes look down, and glare at the nonexistent fat that plagues her, evidence of the only thing she has eaten today: an apple.
Seeking to escape the feeling of fullness, she plunges her finger down her throat, purging hated nourishment.
Suddenly, she is overcome by a feeling of depression: she is fat, and will forever be the mockery of prettier, smarter, thinner girls.
Then she realizes something:
The biggest hatred is the one unexplainable.

There we sit.
using words we couldn't let our parents hear.
Our eyes look up and meet, and the tone is light until you mention heroin.
Seeking to escape the possibility, I tell a joke, laughter clearing our minds of drugs.
And although you laugh with me, I can't help but notice your bloodshot eyes, depressed demeanor, and scarred arms.
Then we realize something:
The greatest addiction is the one undeclared.

There they sit.
to the sound of a tornado raging outside.
Their eyes look around, taking what could be their final glances.
Seeking to escape death, a mother and daughter have fled to the basement, and now... wait.
And although death is close, the eldest daughter has a confession: "Mom, I'm a lesbian." The wind howling outside is nothing to the arctic air that arrives as the mother stiffens.
Then they realize something:
The biggest wind is the one unheard.

The greatest force is nature.
The biggest desire is unattainable.
The greatest lie is perfection.
The biggest hatred is of the self.
The greatest addiction is hard to face.
The biggest wind is change.

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maza.love GOLD said...
on Mar. 15 2009 at 12:51 am
maza.love GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
14 articles 6 photos 23 comments
This is a truly amazing poem. A really, really great job. Keep it up.

kicker446 said...
on Oct. 2 2008 at 2:15 am


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