Hurting On The Inside

August 6, 2008
By Rebecca Marvel, Benton, IL

I wish I wouldn't have ever talked to you, I wish I wouldn't of met you. Because now that you have broke my heart...I can't get out of my head. We might not have been together long, but I loved every moment we spent together. I loved the way you touched me, the way always made me laugh, and when you made me cry, except for that very last time. I loved the way you always appologised even when you didn't need too. Maybe meeting you was a good thing, and loving you was even better, but the bad part about this all is trying to move on. I don't want to, because I think I might get you back. But in the long run its prolly just in my head. Moving on is hard, so I'll concur it a little at a time. But remember I'll never be completly over you. So, when you want me back. It's going to be hard to say yes, but I hope you never break my heart again.

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