Bright Red Nights

August 5, 2008
By Kyla Lefebvre, Nashua, NH

As I lay here wrapped up in your sweater tight, ignoring all the sounds except the sound of the fan in my window. Looking out the window, watching, the night sky change for a rusty red to a bright yellow then soundly a dusky gray falls over everything in sight. I cant help but to think whats in the store for my life,
whats going to happen to you, to us?
Where will I be in 6 years?
Where will i work?
Will I ever be able to accomplish these life long dreams?
And what about my wishes, will they ever come true?
Summer is coming to an end and if were not together in the future would will you be with, who will i be with?
You said you'd always love me and be here for me, is that true?
We're young how will you keep that promise?
As i lay here in the dark wrapped up in your sweater tight, I slowly start to fade away in my own world where dreams come true, where I love you and you love me too, where the promise you made you keep, I then suddenly fall asleep.

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