Confused, Frustraded.

August 5, 2008
By Anonymous

When ever I ask for help,
I may or may not ask.
But I feel as if I made a big yelp,
so then I should,would, could gasp.

You may think you know me,
but I feel that you are wrong,
my life is not a cup of tea,
and I am trying to be strong.

I might make it seem as if I am in a mid- life crisis,
but i am truley not,
I am just a young girl, trying to make a list,
of all the things I need to improve on, right on the spot.

I do not know what to choose,
left, right, up, or down?
What ever one I choose, I feel like I would loose.

Some one please, please help me,
I feel as if something is wrong with me.
My family absolutly does not agree.
But I feel I know myself, more then anyone else.

What else could it be?
I have many more things to add on.

So here I am,
writing this poem.
Trying to find the real me,
in my own home.

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