When I ask

August 5, 2008
By Dan Tran, Garland, TX

When I ask for an easy life, YOu gave me a harder one to live.
When I ask for bravery, YOu gave me courage to stand up for what I believe in.
When I ask for pride, You gave me humble for the wisdom.
When I ask for smartness, You gave me a brain to think before I do things.
When I ask for strongness, You gave me strength to fight back.
When I ask to be number one, You put me at number two so I can work to be number one.
When I ask for opportanies, YOu gave me challenges to make me a better person.
When I ask for beauty, You gave me, me.
When I ask for greatness, You gave me diffcultness to work through them.
When I ask to fight, YOu protected me instead.
I ask for everything that I want.
I ask for everything that I like.
Instead, You gave me the things that I need for life. You love me enough to gave me Your only Son to the world, so I could have a better life. I ask for things that I want, but You gave me things that I need.

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