August 5, 2008
By Ariel Chance, St.Joseph, MO

He broke my heart
I felt alone, dizzy, world came to a halt
I hated him for what he did
I still loved him and hated myself
What did i do?
tears flowing, will they stop?
calls coming in, sorrow and woe
death is an outlet
how far do i go?
talking to friends
hiding true feelings
still see him
my heart stops beating
grasping for air
a high of some sort
clouded thoughts
empty love
mending the soul
finally jumping the hurdle
call comes in, "i think i like him"
shocked, angry, betrayed
what is a best friend?
I feel like bleeding
nervous, anxious
distracted actions
still can't talk
look into his eyes
I need to stop my shaking
painted pictures never capture
the darkness of my eyes
deep secrets, shredded thoughts
backed into a corner
turning off the lights
using others as a source
still feel empty
just an outsider
telling my secret
you would never guess
where am i hiding?
behind closed doors
peering through seams
creaking joints
silence screams
caught in the action
horror in my eyes
hated and loved
the deadly combination
tearing through homes
canyons are formed
free falling under

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