The Deserted Road

August 5, 2008
By Kristen Butler, Hebron, KY

A young ambitious girl stares fixedly at a fork in a deserted road.
A road with two paths,two decisions.
Two decisions that could improve or destroy her future.
Her future, which is slowly beginning to slip away.
Away, this is where she desperately wishes to be.
To be perfect is an honest joke, as she is beginning to see.
to see how her future will work out, that is a distant dream.
A distant dream of hers is far down one of these two paths.
Those paths, she so fixedly stares at, trying to make a decision.
Her decision, which should be so easy.
Easy, which is how life should be for everyone.
Everyone,these are the people who put the pressure on her.
Her life,which is hers to live.
To live or to die that is her choice.
Her choice which is represented by a fork in the deserted road.
A fork in the deserted road that she stares at so fixedly.

The author's comments:
This piece is simply written to show what so many people go through. Suicide is a major issue in many high schools today, and I find that this poem represents very well what many suicidal teens go through when trying to decide what to do. I must also urge any of you readers that may be considering suicide, that is NEVER the way out. There are many people who care about you that wuld miss you greatly if you decide against your life. So please take this bit of advice when I say live your life like there's no tomoorow, it's yours to live so go out have fun and live it!

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lbrig429 said...
on Aug. 20 2008 at 3:28 pm

this poem is both amazing and touching.

While I was reading it my eyes began to water. My eighteen year old cousin committed suicide almost 5 years ago and my family is stil not the same. He left a gaping hole, bigger than he could have ever imagined and its horrible. But this poem is amazing!

Keep writing!

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