Sad Song

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i got a bad taste in my mouth these days and a fever that comes in the night
he looks at me with his big brown eyes and says baby, are you all right?
i ask him how to forget the past, he says how am i supposed to know
but i've got a mirror if you've got a razor and baby, away we go.
and one day i woke up and that’s when i knew he don’t care if i live or die
he said what did you ever see in me, and that’s when i started to cry.
if i can’t even live with you anymore, how the hell can i live without?
he said that he hoped i'd get over him and i said baby, blood don’t wash out.
i remember when i first knew you, when you could take my breath away
but all the sweet memories and all the good days in the world won’t help me today;
he said he didn’t know it would end like this, but i never had a doubt
he said i should try to forget him and i said baby, blood don’t wash out.
so the moon never beams without bringing me dreams of a love that left us behind
and the stars never rise but i see your dark eyes and still no peace can i find
and so all the night long the wind murmurs this song, and i know i will never be free
and so in the end, i lie here and pretend that you’re lying next to me.

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