Wishing for a Miracle

August 5, 2008
By Connie Lyles, Summerfield, IL

i walk into the hospital room an cry
i cry out, "Please...don't die!"
even though you can't hear me
its devastating, the image of you i see
hooked up to tubes, wires, and needles
taking you by the hand its you i cradle
i cant stand to look at you, but i can't turn away
i know you're hurting but i want you to stay
hoping and praying, that you'll get better
i promise to repent my old ways and do better
i want to say, "I love you,"
but the words just won't come
i wish there was something i could do
besides sitting here crying for you
i know nothing will bring you back
even if you did wake up, you wouldn't remember me
you alive and happy is what i want to see
but they're letting you go today
so now i sit here crying for you...
"I love you," is all i can say

The author's comments:
i wrote this and dedicate this to my deceased stepfather....rest in peace.

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