a simple hug,

August 6, 2008
By Anonymous

I feel so safe with your arms around me
Nothing can break us, nothing can move us
Im locked in this warm little space, where nothing seems better

When you wrap your arms around me, it puts a smile on my face
When you hug me tight, i feel like nothing will hurt me
When you hold on for a little longer, it makes me feel your love so much more

Friendship, love, trust and faith
I feel it all in those long seconds
It comes in waves, each one stronger then the next.

I like the way your arms feel around me,
I love the way you always smell like soap...
I adore the way you never want to let go

I can touch the sky when im in your arms
I can feel my toes tingle when you kiss my forehead
I can smile right back when you look me in the eyes

You make me safe
You make me warm
You make me love you that much more

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