Gone For Good?

August 6, 2008
By Alyssa Chwiecko, London, Ontario, ZZ

the tears are flowing freely now
they slowly roll down my face
there's no point in holding them back.
theres no point in trying to stay strong.

mistakes, bad calls, dumb judgement.
it all resulted in pain.
words flew from my lips
and a second later
it was too late to grab them, and hide them in my pocket.

anger flashed infront of me
and i instantly knew what i had done.
its too late to save the day
no chance in taking this back.

i wrecked the moment
disturbing the waters.
i slowly feel myself withering away.
im slowly falling away from what i used to be.
the string that tied me to you is no longer there.
in one split second, it vanished

pain and anger
regret and failure
they flow through me
this cant be undone,
it cant be changed.
its set in stone, embedded in our memories

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