Victor Krell

August 7, 2008
There is an old man with graying hair
That sits in the dark corner over there
Rocking back and forth in his chair
As into the past does his vision stare
Reminding himself of that brisk, clean scent in the air.

The smell of death stinging his nostrils
Lingering in through the windowsills
Heart, mind, and body stopping, lying still.

Now I'll tell you the story of how he came to be
This man so lonely, this man you see
Just open your ears and listen closely.

Go back deep into your mind my dear kin
Venture slowly, journey deep into his
For this tale of his life he will let you in.

From the very first days of Victor Krell
He was destined only for a life of hell
He lived unwanted, hated as a youth
Always melancholy searching for love and truth
All through his youth he sat with a frown
The days of his life were keeping him down
Even everything he had was not enough
Finding happiness was far too tough.

Neglected he was by his parents, he had no friends
To destroy his life and spirit did all intend.

Empathy he found from his dear aunt
Temporary hope inside his heart did she grant
She clothed him, cared for him, took him in
Love, support, and caitas was given him
Light brought to his days once so grim.

His dear aunt left one day
Went off with a man she went on her way
Depression sank back in, to Victor's dismay
He missed her more than he could ever say.

Months went by and years passed
Hopelessness brought back from the past
But hope returned with beauty's face
The face of love embodied in Grace.

Grace brought Victor happiness and love
He knew she was his gift sent from above
She gave him everything he wished for
In return he gave what she asked and so much more.

They lived, they loved, he proposed, they wed
He loved her, everyday so he said
He was hers and she was his soul mate
They had children, but with each Grace would abate
Victor's heart swelled and he could only elate
But soon Grace contracted a fretted disease
And heart nor mind of Victor's could be at ease.

Four frightened months he had lost hope
Then Grace's condition seemed to improve
Victor found faith and was able to cope.

Faith disappeared in the matter of a day
Grace would soon lay stagnant in her grave
The once forgotten feeling had now returned
Pain and sadness in his heart churned
Victor's days were again a pale gray
No longer happy, he was no longer gay.

By her side all night and day
Next to her tomb Victor would lay
"Will love return?" his mind pondered sore
But quoth his heart, "nevermore."

At night Victor would sit and think
Slowly as his mind would think
"What if I were to never live again?"
"But instead arise in devil's den?"

Bitter and old Victor grew
Lose his mind
His heart a hatred slew.

People he saw feared his name
Cruelty dwelt in his voice
Death and hatred was to blame.

His calloused soul never to be cured
Only by its maker
A though so obscure.

And so in this life of Victor Krell
Was darkness, deeper than the depths of hell.

Leave now soon
Before his evils consume
Venture quickly from his brain
Hurriedly into the realm of the sane.

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