The Heartbreak Rose

July 25, 2008
An object so eye triggering
That it seems to just pull you in
The beauty it posses
Seems to be something from a dream
It seems to mesmerize you
Making you believe everything
You think and see
Reaching out to grasp the object
To make sure what you see
Is real
Your contact with the object
Is short and somewhat painful
For you were struck
With a small thorn
A part of the object
But so undetected
For its beauty was so blinding
Still glistening in the sun
With droplets of water
Resting upon its wilting petals
You realize something
In a way it symbolizes love

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silence-is-loud said...
Dec. 29, 2010 at 5:36 pm
This is so creative and powerful. Excellent way of symbolizing love. 5 stars.
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