July 15, 2008
By ashley costa, Pawtucket, RI

promises broken, lies told
secrets shared, friendship was gold
back stabs and apologies
a lot of questions, answers please
always the same nothing new
dont blame this al on me, cause you know its you
tired of trying to work things out
fighting is not what life is all about
but if you dont care then neither do i
yeah, friends till the end that was your lie
so the choice is yours, its all on you
it kills to be hurt by someone you love and thats true
ill try one last time to keep our friendship alive
but, I cant do it alone, I will fight and strive
if us does have to end, then thats a shame
i want things to work out, that's something i can claim
so lets do this, give it all it will take
worth a try, its endless friendship we will make
~through it all, i will always love you!

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