My Lake of Allay

June 18, 2008
By Eliza Rooney, Louisburg, KS

Slowly, steadily I ambled toward the eerie dock
Each step pressing deeper into the sodden grass
As the blades slit my frigid toes
I know I’m getting closer
Because the sound becomes louder,
But I don’t mind, I love the song
The crickets, the melody
The frogs, the bass’
The full moon shimmers on the placid lake,
Looking even more precious up above the somber sky
Where not a light is seen
There is a nice warming breeze
That blows my hair across my neck
I finally arrive and step upon the wooden dock
With a thump on every step
My heart leaps to my throat
With the sudden splash of a fin.
I relax and dip my feet into the cold water,
Releasing chills throughout my body
As some moss tickles my toes.
I smile to myself and sigh…
Then I start singing and I’m gone once again…

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