Who Am I?

October 29, 2012
I am an Author,
My stories come to life on paper.
I am a Baker,
My cakes and pastries are delights to others.
I am a Philosopher,
Working hard to absorb as much knowledge as possible.
I am a Caretaker,
Cleaning my house for my family.
I am a Princess,
The ruler of my bedroom.
I am a Doctor,
Healing scraped knees and paper cuts.
I am a Singer,
Writing original songs for the world.
I am a Teacher,
Helping friends with homework and problems.
I am a Critic,
Giving my opinion upon request.
I am an Archer,
Arrows flying to and fro.
I am a Soldier,
Defending myself and others.
I am a Marathoner,
Running around my school and home.
I am a Stylist,
Designing my own hair as well as others.
I am Me,
Who are you?

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