Krazy Kids Klub

January 8, 2008
By Canan Yesilhoca, Buffalo Grove, IL

The step taken into the Klub,
One realizes all the colors.
The white walls covered in graffiti
Like pictures.
The children eye the symbols
On the board.
Toy bricks thrown across the floor.
Others stacked into small houses.
Billy jumping
On the seat Joey sits on.
His jet midnight black hair tosseled
From the mix-up.
The rest of the gang hanging
Up their coats and hats on the stands.
The teacher watches
But nothing happens
Her head only cocked to one side.
Joey’s one earring shines in the light.
A look of disgust,
And hatred.
The colors in the room spinning.
She takes a sip of coffee
And sends him out into the hall.
Its always his fault.

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