Longated Death

January 4, 2008
By Melanie Currin, Bakersfielcd, CA

" I love you"
Once heard so sweet
Sweeter than all
A birds settle song
As she was held so deeply in his arms
Does he even know?
A secret she must hide
She cannot love him
For love decieves
Decieves her more
Than he would even begin to understand
That " I love you"
Can only translate in her head
Into deep thoughts
So many questions
Yet many more defeats
Tears and pain
Are what dances in her head
Let gaurds down can she not
For heartbreak will be the price
When he gives up on her
Though he says "No will I ever"
She knows his words will decieve
Time goes on
Day transforms into night
The shadows that dance on the wall.
Teasing her
Knowing she will not fall
Months later
She knows the truth
That it wasnt worth it
That none of it was.
Because every word he spoke
Was a settle
Feel good lie
Never will she fall
For a guy
Not worth her time
Not worth the risk
For another scarred heart
For another longated death

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