Wasted On You

January 3, 2008
By Kristina Russo, Lake Ariel, PA

To me,
You were perfect, amazing
All that I wanted
All that I needed
I dreamed and dreamed
Of conversations that would never be spoken
Of lips that would never touch
Of feelings that would never be felt
Of time that would never be spent with you
But your heart belonged to someone else
It was then that I realized
You were just a stranger
My feelings and thoughts were not real
A lie
Did you ever even think of me like I have for you?
Did you ever even dream of me like I have for you?
Did you ever even long for me like I have for you?
Did you ever really deserve my feelings at all?
Do you even deserve ME at all?
My feelings disappeared
Like the melting white snow
Like the pouring rain dissipating to a drizzle, then nothing
I realize now,
All the time that has been wasted
Gone forever
I don't need you
I don't care that you never actually cared for me
That you never noticed me
Was it desperation?
Loneliness that made me chase after you so hopelessly?
And why was it you that I chased after?
Unknown to me
But now
I wait
For him, the one person for me
Who isn’t you
The one person that’ll care for me
Be with me
Love me
And I’ll wait for him
Because I have faith that he’ll come for me
I’ll have somewhere to go
Someone to go to
And it’ll be too late when you realize
What you have missed


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