She's All Alone

December 30, 2007
By Victoria Childress, Middleburg, FL

she's all alone in the dark skeptical why the dog had barked
scared and shaken one that wishes she'd be taken

ubhorred and unspoken,her true feelings unknown,
the thought that she had nobody she was all alone
the door slowly open,then slamed shut,
the knife in his hand and she felt the cut
she couldnt say nothing no nothing at all
as he had her pinned up against the wall
she had no defence she was left behind
no one turned back she was on no ones mind

she started to shake then she couldnt breathe
his grip pulled harder with a tightened sqeeze
no reason to scream no reason to yelp
because she knew no one that would acutally help.

she closes her eyes as her breath becomes weaker
she was falling asleep deeper and deeper
she knew there was someone that actually cared
she knew that god would always be there

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