I Feel Like I Can't Breathe

December 23, 2007
I feel like i cant breathe.
I'm drowning in my tears, as i cry myself to sleep.
I'm suffocating in my fears.
Yet you dont seem affected and its beggining to hurt me.
i think of ways to stop this from destroying what's left of me.
this pain is wont go away, and slowly my faith decays.
Faith that you'll come back, faith that you'll wait.
Hoping you'll always be there like you promised that beautiful summer day.
I miss u more as time goes by.
i don't know why im holding on, but in the end i still pray.
Pray that you'll come back someday.
and that you'll be here to stay.
I hope that one day we'll read this together and we can laugh and say,
faith kept us together.

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