Every Time

December 21, 2007
By Tammy Carey, Tonawanda, NY

Every time i think of him,
I feel the hate grow inside.
I just get so mad,
He'd probably want to hide.

He angers me in every way,
That he possibly can.
I can't believe,
He'd call himself a man.

Sometimes I think,
He messed with me.
Just to have a little fun.
Mow it's through and over,
And I'm happy that it's done.

I really can't stand the thought of him,
He makes so angry.
He has no empathy.

He deserves hurt,
And he deserves pain.
Just thinking of him,
I want to go insane.

Now I'm happy the bad is through,
So i think you should know,
That I'm over you.

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