Mama Please

December 20, 2007
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

On a chilly, arctic day
My mama would always say

“Put on your warm, fluffy coat
And have some hot, delicious oat”

I put on my coat and eat the oat
Then my mama would clear her throat

“Excuse my miss, where’s your mittens?
The ones with gray and white kittens”

I grabbed my mittens, ready to go outside
Then I heard my mama say, “Come inside”

I come inside and on the couch I sat
“Now, where’s your polka dotted hat?”

I went upstairs, grabbed my hat on the drawer
When suddenly I felt a feeling just so sour.

My mama, once again, cleared her throat
“Zip up you warm and fluffy coat.”

Then it was my turn
Loud and stern

“Mama, I want to go outside.
Please, Mama, I want to hide.”

“Can you just leave me alone!”
I said with a great moan.

Then my mama filled with tears
To hurt her more, I did not dare

“I’m sorry mama, but I’m no child.”
Then unexpectedly my mama smiled

“I’m sorry, but you’re merely eight,
There’s no need for you to hate.”

“I was just protecting you,
So you wouldn’t get the flu.”

“Mama, I’m sorry and I love you”
“Okay, now put on your shoes.”

“I’m sorry, I love you too.”

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