December 20, 2007
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

Tic Toc Tic Toc
Time is ticking away
Flying too high and far
It hardly ever stays

No time for anything
Especially for fun
No time to rest
And play in the sun

No time for family
No time for friends
No time for shopping
No time to spend

I am trapped
Within enclosed walls
Dark with no way out
That’s where time crawls

I must spend my time in darkness,
Bored and all alone
Doing my homework
No time to even moan

Is college so important?
That it can take away our youth
It takes away the light and time
And leaves us with the truth

I know the dark truth
So I study hard and attempt
Seeking a better future
But secretly I wish to hold contempt

But I realized the unbearable truth
My hard work would pay off some day
But it would be too late
My youth would already be ticked away

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