Sweet Spring

December 18, 2007
By Rachael Antonucci, Barrington, IL

Sweet spring sings
Of soft rain
Washing away winter
The trees birth green promises of summer
The forest floods of fawns and flowers
The grass lays lavender eggs
Sweet spring sings
Church bells and chimes

Sunny summer shouts
Jumping into our secret quarry
Behind the busy Barnes and Noble
The sun stamps freckles on familiar faces
Black pavement cooks bare bottoms of feet
The sky paints in pure white
Sunny summer shouts,
And smiles

Bitter autumn runs
Missing tackles, making touchdowns
Under Friday night’s lights
Pumpkins on porches wink as wind whistles
Yellow buses stop at every street
Trees burst into flames
Bitter autumn runs
Racing towards winter

Weary winter sleeps
Under blankets of snow
With night lights on every bush and tree
Air thickens with peppermint music, and merriment
Shoppers search for selfless gifts
Snowflakes kiss shoulders and scarves
Weary winter sleeps
Blessing and wishing

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