December 18, 2007
By marissa henderson, Chicago, IL

This is the truth…
falling in love is too hard.

It’s harder to wait for something
you can’t have
like a toy getting taken from a child.
But it’s the hardest thing to give it up
especially when it’s everything
you ever wanted.
I really can’t explain the word
But if you could only see what I see
and feel what I feel then you’d understand.
I just want you in my life, for ever and ever.
I just wish you could make that promise and say that you will always be there!
It’s amazing,
on that special day I met you,

it was the sweetest thing that could ever be.
A fantasy, a dream come true.
You couldn’t imagine the feelings I have for you.
I knew I was in love the day I couldn’t fall asleep
because reality was better than my dreams!
I just love everything about you
your smile
your look
your laugh
your scent
your clothes
your sarcasm
most of all, when you’re mad!
I just can’t stand someone walking up to us and saying.
“Are you two together?”
and you don’t realize how painful it is to reply.
“No, we’re just friends.”

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