Alone or Never Alone

December 17, 2007
By Jessica Alfaro, Discover Bay, CA

Is anyone ever alone or just sad and want to be alone?
When you’re in your room and hear nothing but the sounds outside, are you alone?
When the house is empty and there’s no one inside, are you alone?
When you walk down the streets and no one is around, are you alone?
Why do people feel whenever someone’s around they are alone?
Why when you stand in the middle of the school you feel alone?
When there are people around that’s when you mostly feel alone?
Why when you are loosing someone then they’re gone you feel alone?
The only reason you feel alone is because you want to be alone,
Why do people want to be alone when you don’t have to be?
Can someone not be alone when no ones around?
Being with someone can be scarier then being alone,
Being alone is impossible if you lost someone,
If you ever lost someone close you can’t be alone,
They will stand next to you when you’re alone and scared,
It is impossible to be alone when you have friends,
Your friends don’t want you to be alone,
If anyone is ever alone they will be lonely,
No one has to be alone, if you love someone,
Stand and watch the sunset and no who you love,
Then love that you no that no one is ever alone.

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