Nobody and Somebody

December 13, 2007
Sometimes I am a nobody but,
Other times I am a somebody

When I am a nobody
I’ll sit in my room for all eternity
Nobody will remember me
Everybody will forget me

I could buy a mare
No one would care
I could stay in bed like my teddy bear
No one would care
I could wear my shirt with a tear
No one would care
I could keep all my things to myself and not share
No one would care

Do you get my point yet it’s not fair
No one cares
If you care
I always have a craving for some one to care
It would be nice if you and I could make a pair
You could remind me to eat my Brussels sprouts because you care
And I will remind you because well, it’s fair

When I am a somebody
Ill walk down the school halls
Every body will know me
Nobody will forget me

Every one always says hi
Every other day
I am invited to someone news house
Teachers have trouble getting a room quite as a mouse
When I am around
I am always being invited to country clubs or houses
Everyone cares

So when I am a nobody
Everybody forgets me
Nobody remembers me
When I am a somebody
Everybody remembers me
No one forgets me

It’s nice to have a life
Were sometimes your somebody
Other times your nobody

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