hurtful words

October 25, 2012
When you look at me, what do you see?
A strange annoying girl?
Someone to pick on?
All of those hurtful words you said to me,
Do you ever regret saying them?
I bet you don’t
And I bet you don’t care that you made me cry
‘cause I’m just a worthless piece of s*** right?
I’m just someone to pick on
I’m not worth anything
What would you do if I said all those things to you
How would you feel?
Feel like you’re worth nothing?
‘cause that’s how I feel
When I see you in the halls walking with your friends
or when you call me a fat, ugly, stupid, worthless piece of s***
I feel like a waist of space
Are you trying to be cool, by bullying me?
Cause you’re not
Or are you trying to make yourself feel better by making me cry?
I never did anything to you
You don’t even know me
So I just have one question for you,

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