October 19, 2012
I am invisible, I am invisible, I am invisible
I know what it feels like to be invisible. I am
always invisible to everyone including teachers
sometimes. Since I stay so quiet nobody
seems to notice me. I try my best to
get to know other people, but it's hard.
When some people do notice me it's mostly
to make fun of me for their disgraceful problems.
At times I love being invisible, but I am
really getting tired of it. I want to be
visible to the human eye. I crave
for the attention some people seem
to get. This is a world filled with
invisible people and I am just one
invisible person standing up for another
invisible person. I would never choose
to be invisible unless it was for super
powers. Then, maybe I would. It is not
fun being invisible to people I've known
for years or really anybody. I am

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