The girl

October 31, 2012
By RCstar BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
RCstar BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
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The girl
The girl lies here on the floor
Looking for the cold monster
But it’s just her reflection in the mirror
Smile, smile, smile
Say the scars on her arms
Tonight is the last night

Floods of emotion rampant in the night
She lies dying on the floor
But only until the point when the long arms
Of the hideous monster
Come out of her again with a devil smile
And remind her to look in the mirror

Oh, how it mocks her, this heinous mirror
Mind fleeing into the explosive night
Watching the rest of the world smile
Seeing the dust settle on the floor
While inside her the monster
Is ready to call to arms

Collapsing into his arms
The gentle embrace of the mirror
Cradled but hated like the monster
That she knows are out in the night
But she is safer here on the floor
Watching her blood spill makes her smile

And all the while she will smile
Falling back into the arms
Of the comforting floor-
Boards that resound like a broken mirror
Showing the truth that night
To a girl who is no longer a monster

No one cares to look for their monster
Until they are unable to smile
Just like she can’t on this night
A girl who can never show her arms
And is terrified of a mirror
Who still lays here on the floor...

The sweet night cascades into her arms
And the monster falls away in the mirror
She ended here; on the floor, with a smile.

The author's comments:
This is called a sestina, it's a mildly complicated poetry type but I like it. It's really rewarding when you write a difficult kind of poem correctly.

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