Tide Of Memories

August 5, 2008
By Justin conner, Hendersonville, TN

I lost myself in a tide of memories
Where the date tracked back to a fairytale morning
A morning that flew among all of the pritties
A morning that flew among all pretty birds

My mind had been queasily pondering beauty
And how I could seize, or deserve her red flare
And my head, it was sweating what looked to be glitter
My body was shaking beyond all compare

The dust in my mind; it reflected a sandstorm
The nervousness thumped at my brain as like hail
And the trickle was drowning me just like a cyclone
The wind, through my body, had started to wail

The time ran as slow as an elephants heart
And with each passing second my body would pulse
I suppose that it knew every 'tick tock' was art
That was washed down to Hell by a raining impulse

The time, it grew late; almost, I had subsided
The dust was at ground and the trickle was too
Though the nerve and the wind, both maintained and resided
The worst was at end and a calmness fell through

I pondered once more, and soon clasped a decision
I'd give my emotion and sought naught regret
To this beauty of beauties I've held in my visions
I'd write her a letter she'd never forget

I gathered what seemed to be every last thought
In a meadow of words, I plucked all that were ripe,
Then fixated myself in appropriate spot,
And before thinking once more I started to type

"Beauty, oh beauty, please take all my love
As not only a token, but also a spare
That if you, maybe lose yours in violent shove
You may fall back on mine which will always be there"

I briefly revised this impetuous letter
With no time to hold, I clicked 'send' and departed
The bus, it had nearly descended from roadway
In time I would catch it, long after I darted.

I hiked up the stairs, then walked straight through the throng
Circumventing the eyes fixed upon my ascending
I sat in an empty bus seat, and felt strong,
Though, still nervous, of that picturesque writing's pending

Soon I would feel the bus slow to a stop
And my palms sweated out, what I'd thought to be oceans
We, then, had arrived at the loveliest lot
It was school, and my beauty, within the walls motioned

I stepped from the stairs, with nerves, just nearly slipping
But caught my own fall and then started to walk
Ah, that nervousness gave my insides a good ripping
Though, still, to my beauty, I wanted to talk

Inside of the gym, I had started my search
I was gazing and gazing for her pretty head
And what suddenly came into sight was her pirched
On the bleacher below all the rest, straight ahead

My heart skipped a beat as our eyes met eachother's
She smiled, I smiled, She waved, and I waved
Then I started for her, noticed not any other,
Then, strangely, without even knowing, I prayed

Between us, the gap, had been just nearly gone
And before a heart's beat, I was down by her side
We made glorious talk and the laughs all were drawn
Still, the message I sent, by her, hadn't been eyed

The bell sang a monody of our departing
We said our goodbyes and then started for class
And, the hall, as it always, was filled with pubescence
I kept my head low, waiting for it to pass

I sped through the day with the thought of my beauty
And what her reaction was seeming to hold
Could I possibly be, to this goddess, a lover
Or maybe a myth with no point to be told

I soon arrived home, and I yearned for an answer
I sped through my door, to my room, to computer
I'd shaken so much, you would think I had cancer
I wanted this girl 'my emotion intruder'

I quickly logged in to the homepage of fate
And scrolled down 'till I spotted a red colored phrase
A 'New Messages!' sign was among my eye's wake
And a stiffness fell through, for what seemed to be days

Almost too soon such a stillness was gone
And my thoughts had restored themselves ever so well
So I queasily inched the mouse over and on
To the 'New Message' Sign, to find what she would tell

'In a meadow of flowers, with you I would lie
'Till the end of the earth, 'till us humans can fly
'Till the end of the season and last episode
'Till the sun and the sky find it time to explode
'Till the clouds in the Heaven's destroy the last days
I will promise you love when you search for my gaze'

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