Will You?

August 4, 2008
By Shannon Keane, South Salem, NY

Will you see me?
Will you fall for me, when you look me in the eyes?
Will you intrigue me?
Will you distract me?
Will you take me by surprise?
Will you speak to me?
Will you listen to me?
Will you be different than I’d known?
Will you show me?
Will you tell me your ideas are similar to my own?
Will you touch me?
Will you hold me?
Will you make me forget time?
Will you kiss me?
Will you make me think that before now the world had no reason and no rhyme?
Will you caress me?
Will you impress me?
Will you make me feel at home?
Will you be so much a part of me that, always, my thoughts to you will roam?
Will you love me?
Will you keep me?
Will you promise me it’s true?
Will you find yourself thinking of me with everything you do?
Will you remember me, keep me in mind, before every mistake you’ll make?
Will you think twice because of me, with every risk you take?
Will you be scared of that?
Will you over think exactly what you feel?
Will you sometimes be confused because you’d never considered it real?
Will you admit you never thought that you would feel this way?
Will you accept that it was me, that I’m the reason these feelings ever saw the light of day?
Will you let it matter to you?
Will you let it change you?
Will you still feel just the same?
Or will you let your cowardice have you, and leave me shocked and leave me maimed?
Will you ever let your guard down?
Will you ever stop being afraid?
Will you see that these choices are so much simpler once the choices have been made?
Will you see that I am just as fragile?
Will you acknowledge that I have as much to lose?
Will you feel better knowing that I also had to choose?
Will you trust me?
Will you help me trust you, too?
Will you forget about everything else and simply think of you?
Will you forget friends, reputations, pre-conceived notions and fears?
Will you let go in a way that you never had in far too many years?
Will you hold me?
Will you console me?
Will you tell me everything’s all right?
Will you promise me and truly see that I am worth the fight?
Will you be shocked when you realize that I feel the very same way?
Or will you simply take my hand and walk with me, untroubled—together—to face each new day?

The author's comments:
This topic frustrates me more than most. I do not understand the mind of a man. I don't pretend to, but I have the strangest feeling this isn't terribly far off.

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